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Tim Wenzel, Ride the Snake (Belmont)


On view December 3rd - January 2nd
Opening reception 4 – 6 pm Sunday, December 8th
with music performed by Cary Novotny and Seamus Egan

“I entered a county fair art contest when I was  5 or 6  years old. My Grandmother had helped me with the watercolor painting. It was a hillside and a meadow with an old oak tree and a bunny rabbit. There were a few flowers and a little sign that said “bunny trail” and behind them was the big, round sun. The oak tree had a large hole in its trunk and looked as if the tree had once been cut to a tall stump and then had started growing again. There was a snail off to the side of the painting that was almost as big as the rabbit. The flowers were big and not in proportion with the rest of the painting. The bunny rabbit, however, was so damn good. It looked like a real rabbit sitting up in a meadow. The detail stood out against the other objects in the painting, almost as if it had been drawn and painted by another person. Oh yeah, someone else did draw it. It was my Grandmother who had helped me with the difficult task of drawing a rabbit. The picture received a second place ribbon for my age group and I always kinda felt like I didn’t really deserve it  because I hadn’t painted the entire picture alone. Somehow though, years later I take images that usually aren’t mine and turn them into my art for which I feel 100% proud of.  

This show is mostly a reflection of my younger years when the world felt wide open and experimenting with mind altering substances was fairly commonplace. When my rebellious attitude was coupled with freedom to take off with a one way ticket and $500 in my pocket to forget about things and to absorb what the open road had to offer me.”

– Tim Wenzel

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