Todd Arnold: Art at Belmont
November 2010


Artist’s Statement:

I am deeply attracted to the visual and physical experience of the natural landscape. The wide array of colors, textures and variety of complex organic forms that I observe in my surroundings are endlessly inspiring. This being said my gravitation towards the natural is followed by an equally strong pull towards the sleek, minimalist imagery found in modern design and architecture. Given the disparity between these two types of images one might suppose that the two could never reside harmoniously in one space. This in fact is where my work begins to take shape, within the space of contradiction, wherein two inherently opposed ideas intersect.

This theme of jarring dissonance and unlikely juxtaposition has been a central focus of my work for some time. However, my interest in exploring this imagery extends beyond the aesthetics of contradiction into the implications these images have for our experience of reality. For, within this space of contradiction, a reflection of our own deep-rooted dysfunction and brokenness as human beings begins to take shape.

With this in mind I have painted a series that I intend to be, at its basic level, full of hope. For it is my strong belief that, despite the disharmony we all know to be real in the world, there will come a day when forces once thought irreconcilable will be brought into alignment with one another and equilibrium will be achieved. This being said, I intend that the viewer would beg the question, “who or what will set in motion the paradigm shift that will ultimately restore order to a fundamentally broken world?”