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Ty Ennis at Nationale


This month the gallery Nationale (May Barruel, PDX West Side Curator) presents the tender and provoking show JKJKJK by represented artist Ty Ennis (PDX Assistant Production Manager). The exhibit was organized in collaboration with Prole Drift (Seattle, WA) where it was recently presented.

“I feel like I’m always skirting that line: Is this a problem or am I okay with this?” Ennis told me. “I don’t know.” The thing about porn for progressive urban types is that it can be mindlessly upsetting, or it can be liberating, and it can easily be both at the same time. Underlying the tenderness that’s in JKJKJK are two portraits, one of Ennis’s father and one of his grandfather… The portrait is a memorial for his grandfather, but also for Ennis’s early life, marking a time when it seemed like he passed a point of no return as a man. It’s art by someone far from where he started, figuring out where he is. - Jen Graves, The Stranger

Read Jen Graves’ full review here.

The opening reception is tomorrow, First Friday, April 5th from 6 – 9 pm.
The show runs through April 28.