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Uganda – September, 2009

Uganda is home to the Robusta coffee species. Large trade houses have jockeyed for position in that industry for over a century now, flooding the international market with a washed version of the inferior, less valuable species. By the wayside have gone the small percentage of coffee farmers who continue growing their Scott Labs Arabica varietals.

The Ugandan Coffee Development Authority has neglected these farmers who, hence have been mired in poor processing techniques due to this lack of technical assistance.

The result of this equation is simple; farmers have not been able to differentiate themselves in the global coffee market. They are stuck in the mud with a complacently traded product.

Stumptown is out to change that for a group of producers in the Mbale and Bududa districts of Eastern Uganda. We spent all of last week camping out on their turf, training farmers to proper processing practices and trying to instill the virtues that will allow them an opportunity to earn more income. Enjoy the photos………