Wynde Dyer
The Bedroom Series
Art Downtown May 2013


On view May 2nd – June 16th, 2013
Reception Sunday, May 5th (5-7pm) with a music performance by Jordan Dykstra

In The Bedroom Series artist Wynde Dyer draws on source material from a late-1930s/early-1940s catalog featuring staged bedroom scenes—almost identical to one another, until carefully scrutinized—populated with salable reproductions of early Colonial American furniture. The resulting large-scale black and white India ink paintings are empty of inhabitants but carry the emotional residuals of life lived. They are simultaneously haunting and tranquil, dream-like yet nightmarish, ethereal but concrete, static but moving, anxiety producing but calming, both burning and flooding, with a perspective that is intentionally off, though not grotesquely so. Following in the tradition of Wabi-Sabi, the works in The Bedroom Series seek reconciliation between and an acceptance of these dichotomies. Ultimately, these paintings are a meditation on what happens—or should happen, or should not happen—in the bedroom.

Wynde Dyer is a process-based installation artist and painter who lives and works in Portland, Or. Her work is concerned with representations and transformations of physical and psychological space, and the intersection between personal narrative and the universal experience. See more of her work on her website.