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This is Jim Sandberg and Amy Dials (Operations Manager and Outreach Director, respectively) of XRAY.FM, Portland’s new independent radio station which goes on the air next month.

The folks behind XRAY have pulled together the best DJs in the city to host weekly shows, and the nonprofit station is run by radiant bunch of local heavy-hitters from fine establishments across town like Bunk Bar, Relapse Records, Sizzle Pie, Dig a Pony, Tiga, Beech St. Parlor, and more.

XRAY has launched a Kickstarter campaign that ends this week. They reached their initial goal to get them on the air and are now aiming to double it, a goal that will get them out of their baby shoebox temporary studio – adorable but barely big enough for the DJS (forget about a music library) and with no control over the temperature.

We are dying with anticipation over here for the launch of community-building, well-curated and thoughtful independent radio and XRAY has more days to make that dream a reality. Long live community radio!

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