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Yonder Journal


Yonder Journal is an “exploration of American frontiers and Western principles,” made up of Reports, Briefs, and Guides meant to illustrate notes from the field, with photographic and written essays, and inspirational instructionals complete with maps, cue-sheets, diagrams and drawings.

The participants think of themselves as cultural anthropologists and sportsmen. Most recently, they embarked on a bikepacking adventure/travail through the Mythical State of Jefferson.

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For this noble voyage, Founder and Editor Daniel Wakefield Pasley amassed his Crack Team of folks with various specialties and talents. The team included, among others, Dave Marchi, a ski and alpine guide whose skills include being “almost good with maps,” and Kyle Von Hoetzendorff, the writer of this particular adventure, who was selected for his astute penmanship and “because he will do anything.” The ever-talented Chris McNally came along to illustrate the journal and subsequent Catalog of Misadventures, and our own wholesale trainer and camp coffee wizard Bo Thunell, who is always up for a wild physical challenge.yonderjournal_msojbikepack_day1-4yonderjournal_bikepacking_mishaps-20yonderjournal_msojbikepack_day1-47yonderjournal_bikepacking_mishaps-3

Theirs is a story of American restlessness and adventure, a contemporary On the Road – without the Benzedrine and, at times, even the road remained to be seen.

No one could foresee what would become of these adventurers, the seasoned and the tenderfoot, all along for the ride (and hitchhike, and off-trail hike with bike atop shoulder, repurposed as bushwhacker.) They couldn’t prepare packlists enough for breakdowns, both mechanical and psychological, and the ultimate reward in the form of an impressive breakfast on day five and of course, this dazzling tell-all explorer’s journal.

It’s most definitely worth a read – though perhaps, not a repeat mission. Not for the tenderfoots among us, anyway.

Read the full Study here.